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Liz Cheney has been Republican royalty, and a conservative stalwart in Washington. But after protesting Donald Trump’s election lies, and voting for his impeachment after January 6th, she found herself in exile from the G.O.P. Cheney is contemplating a Presidential campaign on a third-party line. As she promotes her new book, “Oath and Honor,” she is raising the alarm that Americans across the political spectrum have become “numb” to the threat of a would-be dictator. “People really understood that what he had done [on January 6th] was unacceptable, not to mention unconstitutional and illegal,” she tells David Remnick. “That recognition quickly dwindled.” Plus, the country songwriter Brandy Clark talks with Emily Nussbaum about her Grammy-nominated self-titled album, and explains how she came to embrace the “dirtier” aesthetic of “Americana”: “I’ve heard it called country music for Democrats,” she jokes.

Liz Cheney: Donald Trump Should Go to Jail if Convicted

Once a top Republican, Cheney is calling out her former colleagues in Congress—including Speaker Mike Johnson—for “enabling” a would-be dictator.

Brandy Clark: Grammy-Nominated Album Is “Authentically Me”

The singer-songwriter reflects on her sexuality, playing country music for Democrats, and how Kim Kardashian and Kanye West inadvertently influenced her most recent album.

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