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Male masturbators are sleeves that allow you to stroke yourself to orgasm with a sensation that’s more stimulating than your own hand. Many are made entirely of silicone, while others have motors and work as vibrators. Use them by sliding your penis in and out of them, with or without a partner present. (They’re especially fun to use while receiving oral sex.)

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Cock rings

Cock rings wrap around the base of the penis and can lead to stronger erections and climaxes. The most common ones are made of stretchy silicone, but there are also metal and leather options available for more advanced users; vibrating cock rings are great for partnered sex. Use them by selecting the correct girth and putting one on before sex or masturbation.

Anal toys

“Anal toys hit the prostate at just the right spots that allow for full and complete orgasm,” says Dr. Goldstein. There’s some stigma around butt play, especially for men who identify as straight, but the payoff is worth it, he continues: “A true prostate orgasm, once felt, is beyond description. It sends positive sensations throughout the entire body, from head to toe.” These toys will help you get there.

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As long as you take hygiene seriously and give yourself permission to explore with no judgment, anal sex can take your pleasure to new heights. Since your body doesn’t produce natural lubrication there, make sure you use plenty of anal lube, certified sex therapist Todd Baratz, a licensed couples’ psychotherapist, tells Glamour. (If you’re playing with silicone toys, make sure it’s a water-based lube so the toys don’t break down.)

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are toys with tapered tips and flared bases that you insert into your anus for a feeling of fullness. They’re ideal for men who are new to the backdoor game; many come in multipacks with small, medium, and large options. Use them by applying lube and slowly pressing them against your anus until they enter.

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Prostate massagers

Prostate massagers are unique from butt plugs because they’re shaped specifically to hit the P-spot. Most are shaped almost like thumbs and have a bulbous tip and a slightly smaller arm; many prostate massagers vibrate, and some even include an external vibrating arm for extra pleasure. Use them as you would a butt plug.

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