Jennifer Lopez Gives Us ‘I, Robot’ With Under Boob on the Red Carpet – cnn hollywood


Lopez accessorized her I, Robot gown with large lizard-shaped diamond earrings, a black clutch, and her hot husband Ben Affleck. She styled her hair in a sleek bun and opted for a dramatic smoky eye to match the glam of the rest of the outfit.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lopez was honored with an icon award at the Elle event, and her acceptance speech about the contradictory pressures of being a woman in Hollywood reminded me a little (a lot) of America Ferreira’s Barbie monologue.

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“The idea was that you were not as real a musician if you were also an actress, or you’re not a serious actor if you’re a dancer, or a legitimate business person or entrepreneur if you are an artist, but it went beyond that too,” Lopez said. “You couldn’t be good or credible at anything if you were sexy, and you couldn’t be sexy if you were a mom, and you couldn’t be intelligent if you were beautiful, and so on and so on. And you certainly couldn’t be any of those things if you were a little Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx.”

Of course, the punch line is that Jennifer Lopez is all of those things and more. Like, for instance, she’s also a part-time cyborg in this silver breastplate dress.

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